Summer Safety



Most of us look forward to summer; the weather in Southern California is starting to heat up which means summer time activities and fun getting underway!  Even though we have are mind on outdoor activities SAFETY SHOULD ALWAYS BE A PART OF YOUR PLANS.  Make sure that you have a safety regulations to go along with your summer agenda.

Bike Riding
If you and your family are planning on bike riding.  Here is what you should remember.
  • Check your bicycles for any type of damage
  • Check each tire for holes and leaks, and top off air pressure if needed
  • Do a quick assessment of your gear,  make sure everyone's helmets fit properly.  Also, encourage your family to wear knee and elbow pads.

  If you have a pool it is wise to use precautions and be safe while you are splashing around this summer.  Remember, safety is important when you are the adult in charge.  It only take a moment for fun to turn into a tragedy.

1) Make sure children are always supervised
2)  Provide and make sure young kids are wearing appropriate floatation and life preservers
3) Possible look into a pool cover with a lock, or fencing around the pool
4) Advise children not to run around the pool


We try our best to make sure that our children are always under our watchful eye, but sometimes they move too quickly.  In a blink of an eye the can disappear without your noticing.  During the summer, most of us have lots of travel plans and places to explore.  Having a buddy system can  help someone from getting lost.  Always, be aware that your buddy is with the group.  Also, have a plan of action if someone does get away from the group.  Assign a meeting area when entering a park, museum, fairground, etc.  Also, make sure your children know your phone number by heart.

There are so many simple steps that can be taken to make sure that everything goes smoothly.  Build a routine with your children, so they stay safe no matter what their summer activities are.