Shopping Malls & Strip Shopping Centers

Shopping Malls and Strip Shopping Centers

Like other commercial property owners, those who operate shopping centers or strip malls know that their business is susceptible to certain risks. Property damage, theft of goods, or an accident like a slip-and-fall on the premises can lead to potential liability for a company. Because of these risks, shopping center owners should have a commercial insruance policy that they can depend on to safeguard their business in case of a loss or claim. The JMC Insurance Agency can assist them in purchasing the right policy. With reliable shopping center and mall insurance coverage in place, owners can rest assured that their business, and its facilities and finances, are protected.

Whether they wish to supplement existing commercial insurance coverage, or buy a policy for the first time, shopping center owners should give us a call to learn more about their insurance options. With the assistance of an experienced independent insurance agent, they can gain an understanding of the available options for shopping center insurance, along with the typical exclusions and limitations found in most commercial insurance policies.

Our Agency will assess a variety of factors in determining the kinds of business insurance suited to a shopping mall company’s needs. We will likely ask about whether an organization is newly in business, if it has had any prior claims, and whether the business has any concerns about unusual or high-risk exposures. Also, we will want to know about a shopping mall’s accessibility to employees and guests, whether there are fire alarms and a security system in place.

Like other commercial property owners, those who own shopping centers may be most concerned with property coverage for the structure of the mall or strip centers buildings itself. However, they might also wish to have builders’ risk insurance, in case they decide to add on to or remodel the mall building or add on to a strip center. If motor vehicles are operated on the premises, then shopping centers may require auto insurance, and most will want to have workers’ compensation coverage in place for employees.

Our agency will provide personalized assistance to shopping and strip mall owners, and recommend a policy tailored to an individual business’s commercial insurance coverage requirements. We might review leases and certificates of insurance from tenants. With insurance through our trusted agency, in the event of unanticipated loss or liability, shopping malls and strip centers can remain structurally and financially secure.  So, why not ask us for a quote today?