Los Angeles Earthquake Warning!

Los Angeles residents better start making their earthquake preparedness kits - scientists say there is a 99% change that a quake will rock the city sometime before 2018.
Using radar and GPS to measure the likelihood of an earthquake, experts from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena predict a 5.0 magnitude shakers - or larger - for the L.A. area. After the La Habre quake in the spring of 2014, there's apparently enough strain on the L.A. basin to produce an even larger earthquake with the same epicenter just 20 miles sougheast of downtown, JPL geophysicist Dr. Andres Donnellan told CBS Los Angeles.
No injuries were reported int he moderate 5.1 magnitude La Habre shaker, but an earthquake with a magnitude of 6 or higher on the Richter scale is considered "strong" and able to cause a lot of damage in heavily populated areas - like Los Angeles.
The culprit is known as the West Coyote fault line which is sandwiched in between the Elysian Park, Yorba Linda, Whittier and Puente Hills fault lines.

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