Home Inventory Made Easy

Home Inventory Made Easy - Before fancy technology came along, home inventories were just folders packed with sheets of paper, receipts, and pictures.  Thankfully, we don't live in that primitive world anymore.
The latest home inventory apps, like those built by the Insurance Iformation Institute (htts//www.knowyourstuff.org/iii/login.html), (the app is also found in the App or Play Store) and others, turn all that paperwork into a clean, organized, digital workspace.  This makes it easy to keep a running list of your possessions and manage and edit your inventory whenever you like, right from your smartphone, table, or computer.  You can:
  1. Build your home in a disital app, adding rooms and labeling them and;
  2. Populate each room with a list of your stuff (advanced apps even incorporate barcode scanners, to add items even faster) and;
  3. Take and add pictures for easy visual reference and;
  4. Add valuable details, like price, purchase date, serial number, and description, for each item and;
  5. Scan receipts and documents for more detal and;
  6. Upload warranty information, so you know if a damaged or destroyed item is under warranty and;
  7. Sort items by room, name, description, purchase date, value, etc. and;
  8. Quickly total your personal possession value, for a better view of your coverage needs and;
  9. Spot under-insrued items, like valuables, jewelry, and antiques and;
  10. Store, backup, and password protect your inventory for full peace of mind.
A home inventory is an incredibly helpful thing to have and maintain over the years. A comprehensive list of your belongings and their values can:
  • Help you determine appropriate coverage limits
  • Speed up the claims handling process
  • Help verify losses to your income tax return
Whether or not you use any of these helpful apps, it's important to take a home inventory, whatevery way works for you.  Remember, the camera is also a very useful tool to use in the process of building and maintaining your home inventory.