Earthquake Warning To Clients & Friends

This warning was emailed to many of my clients, friends, and prospective customers back in Oct 2015.  Re-displayed here for those who were not notified at the time.  You may want me to email you a copy of the JPL earthquake warning.

Re: NASA - JPL / Jet Propulsion Laboratory Earthquake Warning / Service Announcement From: Joseph M Cerami, Agent/Broker
Friends / Associates / Clients:
You may want to appraise all of your family, friends and business associates or tenants, if any, of the attached Earthquake Warning issued by NASA - JPL today.
I would not normally reach out to you with such dire warnings but NASA says there is a 99% chance of a 5.0 or larger earthquake event hitting the Los Angeles area before 2018.  Now, I understand that we can all survive a 5.0 or so magnitude quake but this article mentions the possibility of a stronger event, maybe 6.1 to 6.3 which sounds to me like another Northridge style earthquake.  Hopefully, it's not something worse!
If true, we really don't have all the much time to prepare.  I'm sure you would agree, "To be warned is the first step in getting prepared."
This is an unusual and extremely high level of certainty (99%) as far as predictions go since "warnings" are usually expressed as a probability (i.e., 50% chance) of occurrence over the Next 30 years.  Of course, this has been the standard prediction and warning until now for over 20 years!
I'm sure you will agree that Earthquake preparedness is now more important than ever.
You may want to get the word out and make sure emergency supplies and first aid kits are abundantly in supply.
Of course, it also helps to have any earthquake policy up-to-date and in good standing. Let me know should you need help in reviewing your policy.
Wishing you well and look forward to hearing your thoughts and/or comments, if any regarding this or any other important insurance matter.

Joseph M Cerami, Agent/Broker